Domestic and international counseling – your point of contact regarding corporate tax law

In a rapidly changing and globalized world there is need for innovative thinking and proven experience – that is what GERMELA Wülfing stands for. Counseling experience for many years in the field of worldwide operating companies and close familiarity with every kind of industry in the emerging markets put us in a position as your ideal partner.

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Legal consulting involving Germany will be carried out by the law firm Wülfing Zeuner Rechel Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft. Consulting services offered on this website will be carried out under the name and on account of GERMELA Consulting GmbH.


Professional organization – know-how leading to optimal fiscal setup...

Every company with cross-border activities faces the challenge of creating an optimal fiscal structure in the target country. The right organization is crucial in this context: Should activities be carried out by a dependent branch office or by a permanent establishment to be formed? What would be the right location? GERMELA Wülfing professionally supports you: We will find the optimal fiscal setup for you and implement it according to your goals.

Tax Compliance

Tax compliance – professional consulting as to fiscal issues...

Complying with all applicable tax regulations poses almost insurmountable challenges already for private persons to some extent, e.g. in the context of complex financial instruments. For companies the challenges are exponentially more demanding: Significant liability risks exist which can only be avoided by a structured approach. It is not only necessary to define the spheres of responsibilities – e.g. contact persons and decision makers: The organization requires effective information and control mechanisms.

Taxation of
Foreign Investors

Foreign investors intending ventures in Germany face several challenges due to specific tax regulations...

Foreign investors intending ventures in Germany face several challenges due to specific tax regulations (e.g. during the registration of a company at the tax office, taxes-at-source regulations and tax refunds). GERMELA Wülfing assists you, to fully meet all tax-related obligations, so your personal business success story will not be compromised by any complex and complicated tax-related regulations.


Restructuring of companies – competent consulting for successful measures...

Restructuring of a company may be necessary for several reasons: more favorable production costs abroad, optimizing the chain of delivery, or other advantages in certain locations. They entail tax consequences which need to be analyzed in detail in order to set the course for the commencement of successful activities. GERMELA Wülfing is your point of contact for all questions regarding the restructuring of your company.

Risk Management and
Tax Compliance

Fiscal Duties – Professional risk management and tax compliance...

Fiscal duties encompass more than regular payment of taxes in compliance with the applicable law: A foreign investor needs to heed additional pertinent specifics. Companies have to be registered correctly and accounts have to be kept according to the legal requirements of the respective country. GERMELA Wülfing counsels you as to your fiscal duties and ensures that they are lawfully discharged.

Posting of

Posting of employees – optimally resolve fiscal particularities...

Cross-border postings of employees within a group of companies (“concern”) lead to fiscal particularities – for the employer as well as for the employee, in the originating country as well as in the country of activity. GERMELA Wülfing counsels you regarding the solution and handling of any and all difficulties that may arise in this context.