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GERMELA Wülfing, as an internationally active legal service provider, ensures - comprehensible legal consulting.

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Legal consulting involving Germany will be carried out by the law firm Wülfing Zeuner Rechel Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft. Consulting services offered on this website will be carried out under the name and on account of GERMELA Consulting GmbH.

Formation of

National and international formations of companies– drafts, listings and registrations ...

GERMELA Wülfing counsels you as to all questions pertaining to the formation of domestic or international companies. Our focal point is cross-border company formations in the MENA region. We will give you our best professional advice as to the choice of the optimal form of the company with regard to taxation. From the first draft of the articles of incorporation to listing and registration of the company: GERMELA Wülfing is your competent point of contact.


Professional compliance management – foreign trade, healthcare and other fields...

GERMELA Wülfing offers you comprehensive advice in compliance matters. Our focus is foreign trade, particularly in the MENA region, and the field of healthcare. Furthermore, we support you in the context of the development, implementation and monitoring of compliance management systems.

Structuring of
Company Groups

Analysis, evaluation and optimization – the right structure for your group of companies...

We analyze, evaluate and optimize the structure of your group of companies, particularly in due consideration of tax aspects. GERMELA Wülfing counsels you as to questions of reorganizing and restructuring international groups of companies. Our focus is, in particular, the participation of partners from the MENA region. In considering your needs we develop a structure that fits your business venture. We also professionally draft the necessary contracts for you, negotiate these with the other parties, and support you throughout the entire structuring procedure.

International Mergers & Acquisitions

Enterprise transactions – our network of competence for your reliable M&A procedure...

GERMELA Wülfing counsels and supports you as to your domestic and international entrepreneurial transactions like acquisition, divestiture or formation of companies. For cross-border transactions we are able to rely upon a widespread network of competence consisting of local lawyers and business consultants in the target country. That way we are able to optimally support you throughout the entire M&A procedure. We consult you, inter alia as to legal due diligence and drafting of the necessary agreements, and represent your interests vis-à-vis contract partners.

Joint Venture

Formation of a Joint Venture – our professional support is your success...

The purpose of the establishment of a joint venture is to spread the entrepreneurial risks and it requires clear regulations. We counsel you as to all questions arising in the context of the formation of such a joint venture. We are your trustful point of contact as to administrative questions as well, and we guide you reliably through the registration process. GERMELA Wülfing will draft the joint venture contracts, and will support you negotiating them. In close cooperation with the consulting firm GERMELA Consulting we will identify your goals and expectations. Building upon them we will develop the optimal strategy for your joint venture enterprise – up until the successful finalization.

Debt Collection

Effective debt collection management – efficient debt collection services...

An effective debt collection management is essential for your company; after all, it is all about your profits. Our large network is your advantage: In Europe as well as in the MENA region, GERMELA Wülfing is tantamount to professional collection services – in more than 20 countries. We manage your debt collection portfolio, assert your claims extra-judicially and in court, and support you at the enforcement stage, as well. We advise you as to the implementation of an effective debt collection management as well as to the creation of respective contractual terms.

Contract Management

Contract management – drafting, administering, counseling and representing...

GERMELA Wülfing is your specialist point of contact for your contract management. We analyze and monitor your contract portfolio. We professionally support you – from the drafting and administering of your contracts to counseling and representing you in cases of contract violations. We are especially well-versed in the field of corporate, commercial and contract law.

Corporate Succession

Equitable estate allocation – timely arranging for corporate succession...

The equitable allocation of an estate oftentimes is a tricky issue – all the more if it involves a company. As companies are complex entities, it often does not suffice to just arrange for an estate allocation on a percentage basis. A clear, well-structured and, most of all, timely configuration of the corporate succession may guard against later disputes among the heirs. This also entails operative advantages. GERMELA Wülfing advises you thoroughly as to all questions in the context of planning and implementing your corporate succession - from monetary interests to veto rights to divergent profit sharing agreements or granting usufruct rights to regulations to resolve inheritance disputes or controversies as to the direction of the company.

Litigation /

Litigation and arbitration – representation throughout all instances...

GERMELA Wülfing represents you throughout all instances of civil litigation proceedings – before the courts as well as arbitral tribunals. Our team of experienced litigators and arbitrators regularly supports entrepreneurs and private persons, be it as claimants or as defendants/respondents. Our large network in Europe and in the MENA region enables us to provide you with the best possible representation of your interests – and that in more than 20 countries. We will advise you as to the optimal formulation of contractual clauses on jurisdiction and the applicable law, and thus create the conditions for a comprehensive protection of your interests.